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Like It Realty is a BBB Accredited Real Estate Agent in Ellenton, FL

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I recently completed a transaction whrerein I served as the closing agent and Wes was one of the brokers. He was thorough, responsive and professional throughout the entire transaction. Would certainly recommend him.
James Avello
21:43 10 Mar 21
Had an amazing experience with this realty. Very professional and responsive.
Maria Dellis
05:36 29 Dec 20
Fantastic team to work with. They truly care about their clients saving money on selling their house and provide great customer service. I highly recommend Like It Realty.
Romy Jurado
10:10 10 Dec 20
Very detail oriented, easy to work with; very prompt responses and very competent staff
Michael Townsend
12:55 12 Oct 20
Wes is the man! We did the closing for his sale as a title agent and he was great to work with. He was very responsive and provided us with excellent assistance in making the sale a smooth closing experience. Thank you Wes!
Alex Garcia
16:15 21 Aug 20
Wes and the team at Like It Realty were great to work with! They were very responsive and professional through out the entire process, and made my job as the closing agent much easier!
Danielle Vaughn
12:24 13 Jul 20
Wes and his team are great! Very fast to respond to any questions and the flat fee is way worth it. I highly recommend Wes!
Alex Siyufy
15:55 13 May 20
Like It Realty is a great brokerage! They are very professional, organized, and efficient! Very affordable and easy to work with during the closing process. I highly recommend!
Vanessa Gonzalez
21:14 04 May 20
Shot out to Wes Eaves at Like It Realty! Always on top of the game! Great communication and constantly offering assistance! Thank you Wes!! [email protected]
Mbanks .
15:45 28 Apr 20
We just finished a closing with Wes and his team. They were great to work with. I highly recommend them.
Christina Barrett
20:16 11 Mar 20
Working with Brokerages like Like it Realty makes our job as the closing agent easier. They are always such a pleasure to work with! Thanks Wes and Team for your business! We cant wait to work with you again soon.
Nichole Rae
13:54 27 Feb 20
Very helpful during a transaction that our office handled for a purchaser/client. Would highly recommend.
Ryan A. Featherstone, Esq.
14:00 23 Jan 20
Wes Eaves is a true professional and super responsive. Great to work with. Highly recommend.
William Li
00:03 22 Jan 20
Like It Realty business model is simply awesome and it did work for us better than we initially thought. It does save time and money. We switched to Like It Realty after our traditional realtor failed to sell our house after 6 months and we got very negative experience with the person we hired. The communication with our "20+ years in business" realtor was a nightmare and we were counting days when we can finally get rid from so-called "professional realtor". With Like It Realty for us everything was very simple, easy and straightforward. No pressure and BS that most of traditional realtors will do. There are very well explained online instructions and video tutorials on their Web site that explain what, when and how to do exactly. You pick only options and services you like and that you know will work for your particular case. We chose package with professional yard sign, 3 open houses and home application for showings scheduling. The bottom line, we would definitely do our business again with "Like It Realty" and we do recommend it to other people who have suffered from "professional" realtors or seeking for alternatives to try. Thank you Like It Realty team.
Julia R
19:09 11 Jan 20
Friendly customer service and a good deal for people looking to save money while buying or selling their house.
Giana Guerra
03:20 07 Jan 20
This is The Best Company! I'm a Veteran and they took care of everything and made it happen so smoothly! Natalie was Amazing, with quickly responding to any questions I needed answered. I would recommend this company, or any of your real estate needs.
Josh Givens
02:45 08 Nov 19
Like It Realty was God sent to us in selling our home. We saved over $15,000 and had a stress-free closing! THANK YOU NATALIE and LIKE IT REALTY!!! We HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company. Background: We put our home up for sale in January through a traditional realtor only to be disappointed in the quantity and quality of potential buyers that our realtor sent to our home. For the 4.5 months we were listed with this realtor, we had a total of approximately a dozen showings and no offers. They sent potential buyers expecting features NOT listed for our house (pool, lake view, wood floors, etc.) The reviews the realtor would then convey to us was, " Although they really loved the house, you don't have a pool, you have carpeting, you have a canal view not a lake view...etc. etc." After listening to this story too many times and hearing how "deficient" our house was for these potential buyers, we felt that our realtor was not championing our home. Her strategic selling focus appeared to be price cutting. She also had 2 open houses which were TOTALLY USELESS. The agent would come 15 mins before the scheduled time and go to our immediate neighbors inviting them to come to the open house. What good is that? These people already have a house and if they had friends who were looking for a house, it would have been readily apparent the house was for sale from the "FOR SALE" sign on our front lawn. Through some circumstances, we got out of the contract and started looking for a new realtor. My sister ran across "Like It Realty" from a neighbor who had just used them to sell his house. It really seemed too good to be true. We thought we'd have to do most of the work, market it ourselves etc. which we really weren't up to doing. Skeptically we called Wes Eaves and spoke to him for over an hour as he gave us the details of how it works. We listed our home with LIR end of May and the showings were constant, within a month we had already over 12 showings and an offer by July. Working with Natalie was the best experience I've had with any realtor. (I've sold and purchased 4 homes in the past). She was fully engaged in the process, accommodating to all our requests, gave us pep talks when the first offer fell through and just was there for us throughout the whole process. Never once did she or Wes suggest a price reduction to sell our house! Just LOVE her!! We had two more offers and sold for a little over 1 % below list price.
Grace F
03:26 22 Oct 19
From start to finish, the team at Like It Realty were great. Initially, Wes spoke to me about their concept, and is very honest person, who is genuinely interested in helping you sell your home. Natalie was a rock star as she was on top of everything, communicated often to help make this a painless process, and answered any questions that arose. I highly recommend Like It Realty to my friends, family, and anyone who wants to maximize their net proceeds from selling their home by using a flat rate listing agent. The fees are discounted from 3% to $3,000 to list the property, but they were a full-service, professional company who gave all the service that we could ask for. Professional photos, sign, lockbox, and great service to me as a seller. If you are considering selling your home, you owe it to yourself to give them a call. They actually sold my house twice in 60 days, (due to the 1st buyer backing out) but were dilligent in getting several showings per week until we sold again! Closed today!
Jeff Low
19:52 10 Oct 19
I would never sell a house any other way. If you have a typical home you simply need to list it on real estate sites and MLS, ultimately its the buyers realtor who brings people to your home. They provided sign, door lock, and posted on all the real estate sites. Was great experience.
18:47 16 Sep 19
Very easy to work with. Fast response and following up to make sure transaction closed on time. Highly recommend!
Arlette Soler
14:01 29 Aug 19
Wes Eaves is an amazing agent and truly offered 5 star service to all parties involved in the most recent transaction we had together. It's hard finding people who go the extra mile these days and Wes was definitely a pleasure to work with. If you need an agent he is your guy!
Hamza Akileh
20:22 23 Aug 19
Great experience with Wes and Leah of Like It Realty! We just closed two investment properties back-to-back and one even involved a 1031 exchange... everything went as smooth as could be with lots of great communication and follow-up. Txs from Heartland Title Co.
14:45 22 Aug 19
I had the pleasure working with Lenny from Like It Realty directly and he was amazing. Too many times you meet real estate professional's that aren't well informed. I was so impressed that Lenny knew the correct answers to every question. Lenny was also honest and ethical through the whole process. I would recommend everyone to use Lenny.
Memory Semprevivo
20:29 12 Aug 19
Like It Realty did an amazing job helping research and find commercial real estate properties for us. They provided us with expert knowledge through the entire process and were able to answer any questions we had and responded very quickly! We were so fortunate to have worked with Lenny and his team and they will be our ‘go to’ for any future real estate needs!
Kirk and Melanie Bell
16:56 12 Aug 19
If you are looking for a first class experience with a helpful real estate team! Reach out to like It Realty! You will be happy you did! As was I!
Jason Hunter
15:50 09 Aug 19
It was great working with Wes and Leah! Thank you for the great service and communication. 5 stars!
Angie Freeman
19:14 07 Aug 19
Can't speak highly enough of Lenny and the team at Like it Realty. They are honest, hands-on, and really helped take the pressure off of buying a new home. From start to finish they were very responsive, kind, and constant professionals. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Lenny and the Like it Realty Team again!
Jason Heina
18:20 05 Aug 19
Lenny is extremely knowledgeable about real estate and goes above and beyond to make sure you have the best possible outcome. He is hard working and professional, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell property.
Joan Hildebrandt
20:58 02 Aug 19
The most professional, educated and well informed realty I have had the pleasure of dealing with in my many years of buying and selling real estate.
Mark Hildebrandt
15:05 30 Jul 19
Everything went smoothly and I saved $5,000+ by using Like It Realty to list my investment property on the MLS which led to me finding a buyer that I wasn't likely to find otherwise. Highly recommended and I will use these guys again. Thanks!
Joe Walter
17:44 26 Jul 19
The team at Like It Realty made the process of selling my house smooth and easy. Would definitely use them again and recommend to everyone.
Mark D
15:26 11 Jul 19
Sold 2 homes through Like It Realty. Very professional, efficient business, plus you save a ton of money! Would definitely recommend, 5 stars!
Nick Krar
18:33 03 Jul 19
I appreciate how helpful and attentive Like It Realty was during this process.  They made the hard decision to sell my house easy and painless!!  I hope to keep my next house for a long time but if I do decide to sell it, I would definitely look for Like it Realty!
Maria Martinez
08:53 01 Jul 19
I really enjoyed working with Like It Realty. Great customer service and easy to work with. Leah and Wes are the best!!!
Carolina Bravo
12:56 26 Jun 19
We sold our house in Wilton Manors using Like it Realty. We saved over $8,000 in commissions/fees. The staff at Like It Realty were gracious, easy to work with. The house sold in a week!
Amanda Mahler
20:48 28 May 19
Great service. Used them twice and saved almost $15k by listing my properties through them. I recommend getting the website auto booking option, it made the whole process super easy. I didn't need to be glued to the phone answering calls 30 times a day from realtors. They just book themselves for showings and I get an email letting me know the date and time. Plus, you get to choose the hours and days you want to show the property. This is no brainer service. Go for it!
Sander Puerto
20:47 17 May 19
Wes and Natalie were wonderful to work with! They delivered on everything they promised and were extremely professional, kind and attentive. We highly recommend FlatFeeSells and Like It Realty!
denise jadeid
22:14 15 May 19
We appreciate their service and we sold our home in about weeks.
Dean Figgener
21:58 14 May 19
Wes and the Like It Realty team were awesome. With another realtor we only had a few showings and no offers over 6 months. Within 1 week with Wes we had 15 showings, 2 offers and closed within 2 months. Like It Realty also only charges a flat rate of $2500 instead of the 3% everyone else does which saved us $5700. They also split half of the 3% commission they make when you buy a house through them. They are definitely the best Realty Team you can go with. Highly recommend.
Deborah Stevenson
13:47 30 Mar 19
Great service! Definitely recommend this company if you are selling. We listed our home using this company and had a contract within 24 hours. Couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.
Marisa Soto Harrison
18:35 15 Feb 19
They provide a really great service. I highly recommend it.
Erika Truesse
17:29 28 Jan 19
I am very pleased with the job that Like It Realty did to sell my house. They had a great photographer take pictures & post them online. The home got a lot of exposure & showings, and it didn't take a long time to sell my home. They were also always on hand to answer questions & give advice. I saved nearly $5000.00 by using them & I wouldn't hesitate to use them again. Thank you, "Like It Realty"!
Marymartha Murray
00:12 20 Jan 19
Best decision ever! What an amazing and easy process! It really works. I was looking to sell my property buy owner, but did not want to deal with all the realtors. Decided to try the flat fee. Wes and Chevy were awesome to work with! They answered all my questions and more importantly, handled all the realtors and much more. I offered 2% to selling realtor and saved a total of 8270.00! Like It Realty is my new go-to for all my real estate needs. I highly recommend this process and Like It Realty.
Valerie Gall
21:31 10 Jan 19
I can't express my gratitude to Like it realty as the seem to strive to help customers with their questions and concerns as quickly as possible. I'm in the process of listing my home using the MLS with Like it Realty. It appears it will be a great experience with them. Wes and his team are most caring. I hope to add to my review after my listing goes live. I think this company defiantly should be considered on individuals that don't want or cant afford a 6% commission to sell their home. Give them a try and look them up.
16:58 13 Dec 18
What an amazing experience we had! They were professional, knowledgeable and most accommodating. Like It Realty was present when needed, but not overpowering or pushy during this process. I highly recommend Flat Fee Sells to anyone looking to sell their property by owner yet receive real estate guidance throughout. Many thanks!
Monica Talley
16:18 05 Nov 18
We just closed on our house and we couldn't be happier with the service we received from Wes and his team at Like It Realty. For a very reasonable flat fee, they listed our home on multiple sites across the internet as well as the MLS, answered all of our questions promptly and even checked in to see how everything was going. I am looking forward to using Like It Realty again when we buy our new house. Highly recommend!
David Webber
03:56 11 Oct 18
I can not recommend this sevice enough. Wes and he’s efficient team provided an excellent service, alone with saving me thousands on the sale of my home in Royal Palm. Communication is key in any real estate transaction and the whole team where there for me in minutes, to help me on my journey to sell my house. Highly recommendable !
Katya Walker
12:17 11 Sep 18
They were able to update the information in a few hours. Good price! Great service! Highly recommend! A+++
sharon ling
21:15 07 Jul 18
We listed our home with Sotheby's for a couple months but only had under 10 showings and 0 offers. We decided to list it again with Like It Realty and we got more showing requests per week and we got an offer on our home. We just closed it on 6/20/18 and it saved us $23,700 commission. We had to pay extra $5000 at closing (because buyer's agent tricked us to pay the title policy) so learn from our mistake. HIRE ATTORNEY IS A MUST!!! Thanks Lenny for your help and I will definitely use Like it Realty again. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Benjamin Davis
19:33 24 Jun 18
Saving on the commission costs really helps you work with a potential buyer by negotiating price. The 2 most critical things is entering the listing info accurately (get the info before you sign up) and updating your listing info when you are in contract and sold. I appreciate that Like It Realty sent me an email when I needed to make sure I updated my listing with the most critical updates to add. Now the one thing I did different was I did not post the lock box code on the listing. I wanted to make sure I knew who and what company was showing my residence so I put in the Realtor comment for them to call/text me. Then I texted them back the lock box code.
Edward Steckis
17:17 15 Jun 18
Like It Realty Flat Fee Sells provides an invaluable service for those selling their homes themselves. Everyone at the company was extremely encouraging and helpful. We sold our home in record time and saved over $10000.00 in realtor fees. We highly recommend this company to everyone. Tom & Carol Nahill
Carol Nahill
13:29 09 May 18
Wes and the entire team at Like It Realty made this a very simple process for my wife and I when we SOLD our home. Within a week of listing we had agents coming to see our home and we received TWO offers. We were able to close the sale of our home to match our schedule and we saved a lot of money. Wes and the team were with us through the entire process. We highly recommend using them. Thses folks are top notch.
Danny Vaughn
12:56 06 May 18
Hands down the best way to sell your house without using a realtor. The process is very simple and if you have questions they were always there willing to help. The power of the MLS and other listing sites is amazing, had multiple offers within days of it being posted. Buyers are looking for homes in this current market, so save your money by going with like it realty. I will recommend them to anyone who is looking at selling their home and will use them in the future.
jon weck
16:15 30 Apr 18
My experience with Wes and his team was extraordinary. I sold my high priced home in less than 6 weeks and saved 6% in commissions. Over $75,000! I printed my own flyers and simply greeted everyone at my front door. Potential buyers enjoyed talking to the homeowner directly and in my opinion felt more comfortable asking questions and receiving detailed answers. Thank you Wes for the high touch service and allowing me to save a bundle of money.
Alicia Bryan
11:08 20 Apr 18
Excellent learning experience and I couldn't imagine doing it any other way in the future. Felt very natural to sell my own home while Wes and his team provided support the whole way.
Tami Ortenau
02:06 18 Apr 18
Simply outstanding service from A-Z! Like It Realty helped me to find a buyer and kept me informed every step of the way. Their professionalism, quick speed, and dependability is every entrepreneur's dream. Their selling platform is simple, straightforward, and genius. I look forward to doing business with them again and keep the victories rolling in!
Carlos BGR
05:10 16 Apr 18
I used Like it Realty to post my home on the MLS and sold my home saving close to $10,000 in commissions. The broker was very helpful and provided more assistance and resources than I ever expected. I had a professional sign in my yard that played a huge role in the number of showings. The broker was always there whenever I needed advice or help. Like Realty provided excellent customer service. If you are selling property, I highly recommend that use this Like it Realty.
Areatha Morrow
02:54 23 Mar 18
Wes was great to work with. Responded to all our of questions quickly and professionally. We saved around $9000 listing with Like It Realty. We highly recommend them. Dave
Dave SRQ
21:22 19 Mar 18
Like It Realty is an easy to use, effective listing service that produced excellent results. Wes was a great resource throughout the entire process. He was very responsive, professional and knowledgeable. Like It Realty has truly exceeded my expectations.
A. J.
11:48 18 Mar 18
I was hesitant at first but found this to be a awesome option. They were very helpful as well as professional.Once my house was listed on the MLS I sold it right away and saved a lot of money on commission! Thank you Wes and the team at Like It Reality !
Barbara Lempereur
13:16 17 Mar 18
The best experience ever, if you really want to save money and sell your house quicker, you have to choose this Broker . Fast response and forwarding leads and provide you with all the support and advice you need till you close on your house without paying thousands. ......... Thank you
Said Toummini
03:37 16 Mar 18
Wes and his team at Like it Realty were awesome and very helpful throughout the entire process of my home sale. If I sent them an email, they would respond almost immediately with an answer and would at least get back to me within 24 hours. I would definitely use them to sell my house again.
Ken Llewellyn
22:07 02 Mar 18
Lenny helped me tremendously with real estate research and lending. I would recommend Like It Realty to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. Great customer service and communication every step of the way!!
Sarah Barsalou
03:19 01 Mar 18
Wes and like it realty are simply the best! There is no reason to list with someone else. My property had lots of issues and they help me with all the process. I will recommend to all friend and family. No hidden fees. What you see is what you get!
Leonardo Neira
14:49 16 Feb 18
Great experience! I was impressed with their responsiveness and willingness to help. Very professional and easy to work with. Great follow up. We will be using them again.
Sandy Staneart
00:32 15 Feb 18
Fantastic experience for me. Everyone was so helpful. I am computer illiterate but Wes and his staff walked me through each step in a prompt and courteous manner I definately recommend this team
06:34 23 Jan 18
This was a great experience and I would recommend to anyone trying to sell their home themselves to use this service. They are very professional and prompt. They are always available to answer questions and go above and beyond to help first time home sellers through the process.
Matt Boerger
13:58 03 Jan 18
We had a seamless experience selling our home in Coral Gables, Florida with Flatfeesells. Wes timely responded to our inquiries and was a helpful resource throughout the process. Would definitely use them again to save thousands of $$.
Alan Adamson
14:58 21 Dec 17
Like It Realty saved me money as a FSBO. I listed my property on many sites. After doing so I received many calls from local agents in the East Lake/Oldsmar Florida area. They all wanted to help at a fee ranging from 2-4%. They all explained that a FSBO usually doesn’t do well. We have no experience, only a trained realtor does. I had one agent tell me : “ Give it your best shot then calls us when you have had enough. FSBO doesn’t work you cannot get enough advertising without a pro. Good Luck”. I contacted Like It Realty and listed on the MLS through them. The process was simple on line effort. I then included my MLS number within my add stating I’d only pay a realtor 1%. The numerous calls from agents telling me how this wasn’t going to work stopped. I only got calls from 1 or 2 that we’re will to show the condo. Within 3 days of listing “I” showed and had a CONTRACT. I closed within 30 days. Like It Realty was very supportive in the process. They interfaced with the title company and after closing, with NO REALTOR, I paid NO Additional Commissions. I only paid Like IT Realty $99 for the MLS listing. You must be on the MLS if you want any/all potential buyers to see your listing. I recommend Like IT Realty. Thank you so mush for your professional assistance in helping me a FSBO sell my property.
Thomas Cutchall
11:54 16 Dec 17
This service was fantastic! We sold our home for the first time and decided to do For Sale By Owner. Wes made this process easy and was very responsive when questions arose. We would recommend using this service in order to save money on selling your home!
V Boo
22:27 15 Nov 17
Services were very easy to use. Made selling my home very fast and I saved money. Wes was very knowledgeable and pleasant. Always available for any questions I had. Will use them again when I sell my next property.
Letitia Davis
22:05 09 Nov 17
I was a bit skeptical at first, to be honest, thinking not a lot of people would see our listing, but the calls just started to come in the next day and we had a signed contract by the third week. The best part? We saved the seller's agent commission 100%. The listing agent's commission comes out of the buyer's agent commission. Like It Realty rocks!
Luis Olivares
02:55 05 Oct 17
Like It Realty led us through the entire process. Selling the house was easier to manage with their assistance and we saved a boatload of money. We highly recommend Like It Realty to anyone who wants to avoid realtor's high fees.
Robert Lewis
17:45 03 Oct 17
I was very please with how simple the whole process was listing my home with Like it Realty. I saved a substantial sum of money and my home sold very quickly. The service was outstanding..I highly recommend Like it Realty !!!
Steven Wolf
17:31 26 Sep 17
A very enjoyable and easy service. Wes and team were there every step of the way. Once my home was in MLS I had agents calling to scheduled showings immediately. I accepted an offer at listing price within 5 days.
Keith Osborne
20:53 29 Aug 17
This was the best decision I made when I was selling my house. Wes was efficient, quick to respond, and clear in everything I needed to do to sell my house "By Owner." I saved about $9k doing it this way, and I can say for sure I'll never do it any other way. This is totally worth the small fee!!!
Rachel Pauletti
15:59 28 Aug 17
I was a flat flee MLS listing customer doing a FSBO with Like It Realty. This was a bare bones deal that turned into quite a tough real estate transaction. Two appraisals, two lenders and two months later the deal was done. Lenny, Wes and the team at Like It Realty went FAR ABOVE AND BEYOND what should be included in a simple flat fee listing service. I'm grateful for their time, effort and knowledge and would highly recommend the Like It Realty Team.
Todd Howard
13:10 21 Aug 17
Where do I start, in my life of buying and selling and working with all kinds of personalities, Wes is one of the Most helpful, compassionate, kind hearted, honest people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. You will be blessed signing with him and letting him help you sell your biggest asset you have. He will shoot you straight and be there after you sign on the dotted line to go with him and his team. He is quick to answer any question you have to make sure you are at ease through out the whole process. Selling a house is stressful enough. GOD blessed me when he put Wes in my life.
Robin Sims
15:13 19 Aug 17
Like it Realty, Flat Fee Sells has been a great first experience on selling my house on my own and saving thousands of dollars on commissions really made me happy at the end. It was a pleasure doing business with Wes and employees that where always there to answer any question. Thank you Like it Realty ! We will be doing business again ! Sylvia Orlando Fl
00:12 18 Aug 17
I was little skeptical at first using a flat fee services but after working with Like It Realty I would highly recommend Wes and his team! Anytime I had a question Wes would get back to me in a timely manner. The best part about using Like It Realty it saved me about 12k on not hiring agent to list my house!
Mike Seifert
17:00 31 Jul 17
Wes Eaves was very helpful when I decided to sell my house on my own. Any questions I had he answered and anytime I called he always answered the phone. Emails were always responded to quickly. I highly recommend FlatFeeSells/Like it Realty to help you with selling your home. Their service saved me $8,600 in commissions! I was glad to put that money in MY bank account!
Rhonda Graves
03:23 19 Jul 17
Awesome support from Wes through the process! You know your area and your house the best, so make your own description, take your own pictures, meet people in person. You can save thousands, easily! Amazing timeliness and advise from Wes! Thank you !
Ana Ricu
14:20 17 Jun 17
Just saved $12000.00+ I will never use an agent again. I have approximately 4 hrs of my time invested in listing this property including phone Calls and showings. $12000÷4hrs = $3000 per hour, Thats what a listing agent makes. This was much easier then I ever imagined. Thank you Wes:)
Aaron Yoder
09:59 16 Jun 17
Wes is extremely responsive. The service overall is great. Everyone should be doing this. I saved about 15k, and there was hardly any hassle at all.
Andrew Galante
14:33 13 Jun 17
Wes was extremely helpful and I feel confident that we wouldn't have sold our house without the MLS listing.
Ann Morris
20:25 27 May 17
Wesley Eaves, my broker has been very prompt and attentive to all needs and requests. I will recommend this broker and their services to all serious sellers, because they are good and very cost effective. I also wish them all the best.
Kanthiah Easwara Chandran
10:59 18 May 17
You know your home better than anyone, if you have some weekends available for showing while at home, then this is for you. Like it Realty Flat Fee Sells was very responsive to my online requests for open house times, price changes and anything I needed to do to adjust my MLS, online presence. My buyer's found me through a listed open house and we agreed on a price. A title company gave me the blank forms. We closed in just about 3 weeks with just a few emails between me and the buyers. My old neighbors are thrilled with the new neighbors and the Buyer's are truly enjoying my previous home. The experience could not have been much better, we dealt Seller to Buyer.
David Farrar
01:59 19 Apr 17
Had a great first experience with the flat fee listing! Absolutely saved the $6,450 in listing commission on our sale. More importantly, Wes answered more questions than I can list here and guided us through on the things we were not familiar with. $97 listing fee, $100 for a gorgeous sign planted by his service. If you are selling, get ahold of Wes at Like It Realty!
Dean Schanz
14:29 18 Mar 17
I have been buying and selling real estate for more than three decades and I have never had a smoother experience with a transaction. This is a great service and the company responds quickly to all requests.
S dew
17:25 03 Mar 17
Worked with Wes at FlatFeeSells and it was a fantastic experience! I was worried when I decided tolist my property myself and had contacted many flat fee companies. Thank goodness I went with Wes! It was a positive experience from start to finish and I sold my homeonrecord time. Wes was always "Johnny on the spot " and everything went extremely smooth. Thank you so much! Kent Peterson Sarasota, Florida
12:53 22 Feb 17
I used Like It Realty for selling my home in Sarasota, FL and it worked out great! Wes was easy to work with, their system is very easy to use and overall, we had a great experience...PLUS, we saved over $12,000! I recommend listing your own home through Like It Realty! We will definitely be using them again in the future!
Jessica Tripoli
08:43 22 Feb 17
Ideal service for $97. Had my home under contract in 10 days and sold about a month later. Wes kept me in the loop consistently with reminders, etc. Would definitely use this service again.
Garry Marino
16:49 12 Oct 16

Florida Flat Fee MLS Listing For Sale By Owner

Paying a broker the traditional 6% commission to sell your property is a thing of the past. We are changing the way Real Estate is done. And you can too with our Flat Fee Realty services.


List your house on the MLS for a flat fee without paying the typical 3% listing broker commission. Sell your home by owner with a FSBO MLS listing and maximize your exposure online.


Put the local MLS and to work for you by leveraging the Power of the Internet to reach thousands and thousands of buyers on a daily basis!


Our flat fee listing service is revolutionizing the real estate industry. For a small Flat Fee your property will be listed in your local MLS and on saving you thousands of dollars in high commission fees. It's amazing!


You get the exact same MLS and exposure that you would get by paying a broker 6% commission. You retain full control over the sale of your property while SAVING you and your Family all the money! Give us a try...You have nothing to lose.




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How to List Your House On the MLS Without Paying HUGE Commissions!

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